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Whether you’re single or boo'ed up, young or well seasoned, we have created our very own safe place for community & accountability. From our hearts to yours, welcome to the sisterhood Explore our site and; perhaps Christ n Chill will ignite your own passions as well.

Here at Christ ‘N’ Chill we want to build an authentic sisterhood, one that points those connected to us, to Jesus Christ. We know life will happen and try to strip us of our God given crowns...but where two or more are gathered together, NOTHING can stop them. So, wiping tears, laughing till we almost pee ourselves (LOL) and taking the scariest leaps of faith is what we are all about. We can’t promise it will always be pretty, but it will be real and vulnerable.

Welcome to the sisterhood....






I'm Tom, short for Tomilola - which in Yoruba (YES, I'm a naija babe it means God is enough for me. 

A London city born and bred gal who dreams of one day living by the beach, drinking cocktails and watching sunrises...hence the SENSITIVE lion ha-ha! 

I love my girls, people, Jesus, and red wine ALL DAY. I'm usually the loudest in the room but I feel like God has a sense of humour, so he's laughing with me. An Intercessor who knows the devil shakes in his boots when my feet touch the ground every morning! A sister passionate about other women, I will cry and laugh with you, but I am not afraid to speak my mind.


I truly believe my life and journey has been an example of God's unwarranted stick with me, my journey may have been painful & sometimes painstakingly embarrassing but there was always beauty in the mess. 

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Hi Ladies!

I'm a true Londoner, however, I admit often leaving the city to travel to somewhere with stunning views and not so London weather! 

I enjoy interacting and learning new things from people around me in social environments, but if asked to choose, a good movie at home and some popcorn wins the day. Just in case you were thinking 'is she as emotional as Tom' - Nah lol, but I will definitely be the one to lend an ear, give a hug and advice you can actually use. 

I am passionate about women uniting, communicating and supporting one another and believe there is a purpose for each and every person in this world. 

I do like to get things perfecto but have learned I am a perfectly imperfect woman manoeuvring through this fallen world, and own it. We keep it moving ladies!


If you remember anything from this Bio, I would love it to be that God has a purpose for you and my prayer is that you find it, cultivate it, and enjoy it.


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