A Perfect Quarantine Date Night

It's not easy to sit at home and reminisce about the times you could go to your favourite restaurant & be wined or dined by your spouse, or dream of it. But it's time to get back to reality because staying at home is the new going out, and it doesn't have to be boring.

Bored of being bored, because being bored is boring.

5 dates to help you get your dating life back on track, whilst in quarantine and after.

1. Recreate a special date night you both loved

There must be a date you both loved being on, talked about and have that selfie picture you look at and say 'Ahhhhh'. Take the time to recreate it, don't worry no fancy table cloth is needed.

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling!

  • If you don't know how to make the signature dish from your date night - Youtube or Google will be your 1:1 teacher. You're welcome.

  • Take a trip to the supermarket and buy the ingredients needed. Don't forget to add some flowers and a bottle of wine (or Scholer) to your trolley.

  • If you can't get to the supermarket - a take away will do the trick.

  • Set up the living room/garden/dining area with some candles and music playing. Adding your flowers & wine bought will do the trick to set the mood.

  • Pick something special that happened on that night i.e. A song that was playing - add it to your playlist.

  • Dress up in the same attire you wore that night and ask your spouse to do the same.

  • The idea is to just have fun, this is just a guideline, mix it up and make it special.

2. Cooking competition

We are all quite competitive, well if you're not competitive you would agree that you don't like to lose, Right? so why not pick a dish and battle it out in the kitchen.

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling!

  • Pick a simple dish, otherwise, it will not be fun when you're both sweating in the kitchen over a 3hr meal prep.

  • Use a timer, so you both have the same amount of time and there is no cheating.

  • Share ingredients! Don't be stingy.

  • Banter, laugh, talk, discuss. Use this opportunity to communicate to build a stronger connection.


  • No cheating.

  • No sabotage.

  • You must have fun!

3. Quiz time

We all love a good quiz, and if you don't now is the perfect time to start!

There are thousands of online quizzes that are free. Buzz Feed have loads which allow you to invite a friend to play also. If you don't like the one's online you can create your own quiz on platforms like Quiz Maker. Whichever you choose to do make it a night to remember. If all fails you've learned something new.

4. Couples Virtual Date

Joining another couple on their date may not be so cringe after all when you both just long for good company and some laughter! Make a plan and invite a couple over virtually.

Set the time, date, and if you want to go further, you can agree on the dish and attire for the night. You can even make It a themed night. You can do a Netflix watch party, or a debate night. Whatever you do agree between yourselves and make it fun!

5. Star gazing

Now I know, not everyone has a garden, but we all have access to a park. I always find it amazing looking up at the beauty of the stars, Gods creation. So why not star gaze!

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling!

Grab a blanket / Jacket.

  • Find a spot in your garden or park ( if safe).

  • Connect! Talk and discuss.

  • The key is your close to each other and simply just enjoying each others company.

Any more tips for a perfect quarantine date night?

Leave comments below!


With Love Jo Chi


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