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Whether you’re single or boo'ed up, young or well seasoned, we have created our very own safe place for community & accountability. From our hearts to yours, welcome to the sisterhood

Here at Christ ‘N’ Chill we want to build an authentic sisterhood, one that points those connected to us, to Jesus Christ. We know life will happen and try to strip us of our God given crowns…but where two or more are gathered together, NOTHING can stop them. So, wiping tears, laughing till we almost pee ourselves (LOL) and taking the scariest leaps of faith is what we are all about. We can’t promise it will always be pretty, but it will be real and vulnerable.

Our vision:

is to cultivate what truly matters and nurture the beauty & femininity of every woman we come across. We understand just how overwhelming life can be with everything on your plate, whether it’s your career, finances, heartbreaks, friendships or just everything being a woman in the 21st century can bring! The Christ n Chill podcast isn’t afraid to ask the harder questions that people don’t have the platform to address, and girlllll, we want to tackle the issues with you!

Join Tom and Jo as we build community with you guys, provide advice, plenty of laughs – and encouragement from our heart to yours that will equip you to comprehend that you can make great things—big or small—happen.

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C&C Hangout

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The Sisterhood

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Explore our site and; perhaps Christ n Chill will ignite your own passions as well.



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