Keeping It Spicy!

In Ep6 'Love on Lockdown' we discuss keeping it spicy in all relationship status'. From being single, to in a relationship or simply married. We just can't let the spice fizzle out!

This episode explores love from all different angles while in Lockdown. Starting with me, myself and I.

There are some of us who are single and not ready to mingle, and that is ok! Use this time to learn how to love yourself, pour into you; and find out what you like doing, what makes you laugh, what makes you smile.

Self-affirmation is the key! Affirming all that God says you are. Because there is no one quite like you.

But if you are ready to mingle, don't be shy, connect! Join online dating platforms, read reviews and ask friends what they would recommend.

We have a whole Episode dedicated to helping those who want to pursue online dating and tips on how to do it with the right intentions, not forgetting we mention success stories, all from the world of online dating. Dating Gods Way Or The Tinder Way. Listen now! It definitely will help you manoeuvre through the online dating world in 2020 and beyond.

Ok, so you're not single, but you're not married. It's a relationship or a situationship / courtship. Whatever it is, this advice will help create some clarity or how to make it a success during this period.

1. Manage your expectations

What exactly do you both expect? Daily calls, texts, skypes, what's app calls, facetime etc.

Have you actually had that conversation? Because that is where it starts. If you expect daily calls and your partner believes a weekly text is enough "Houston we have a problem". It just won't work. Simply have that discussion so that you can both meet each other's reasonable expectations.

2. Figure out the best communication method for you both

This is especially for the long-distance couples out there. International romance can have its moments when your phone suddenly cuts off and you receive a text saying "data low" or " "credit finished". Frustrating right? So it's good to discuss with your partner which method is best for you both. Not just for one of you. That way you can have the endless uninterrupted conversations throughout this period. Well not endless, but you understand what I mean.

3. Separate 'update' conversations from 'connection' conversations

With some couples, the bulk of text's, calls and Skypes are daily life check-ins: How was work? What did your GP say? Did you see the news today? How are your Parents? Ermmmm Important, but not very intimate. There should be a balance of those updates with deeper, less-distracted conversations that help you to remember you’re still a couple in love or getting there — not just efficient life partners. You can ask: What’s going on in your heart? What are your goals this month? What hobbies have you started? What prayer do you need? How can we support the community? Separate your communication and you will see a difference in your connection, growing stronger and deeper.

If you want a few more saucy tips check out this Episode!

Now we move on to the married folks! Being in the same house 24/7 can drive anyone up the walls! So, there is no exception to married couples. The first thing to remember is it is okay to have s-p-a-c-e.

1. Space

It is normal to want your own space. You can spend time away from your other half, to enjoy what you love. Your individuality is just as important now as it was when you were single. Time spent away from one another helps to maintain you and your self-identity; to allow one another to renew and bring more diverse experiences to the relationship. Helping to cultivate an atmosphere of strength and independence rather than obsessive behaviour and clinginess.

2. Schedule in tech-free time

Social media, phones etc can be mentally and emotionally time-consuming and draining. Taking that energy away from everything else in your life including your spouse. This can be detrimental and a feeling of resentment or jealously may arise in your spouse, as a result. To eliminate this simply turn it off! When it gets to a particular time you have both agreed to be tech-free put your phone, tablet or laptop down. And give each other undivided attention "wink wink".

3. Date night

Recreate a date night that was special to you both. Just because you can’t go out to your favourite restaurant does not mean it can not be recreated at home, just be a bit creative. For those who need some help with a few ideas check out my post on a perfect quarantine date night.

There are many more tips we give on how to utilise this time for married couples not forgetting the many benefits that come with spending time together. Check out this Episode to hear more of them!

However, I will share our bonus tip! Drum roll... Pray. Whether singles, in a relationship or married prayer works wonders, will change situations and bring you closer to the Almighty.

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With Love Jo Chi


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