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My Purpose In Craft

I’m Lydia, a Christian creative, jewellery designer and maker, (I’ll also throw in

artist for good measure). I pick up a paintbrush from time to time and love to

dabble in doodles that promote mindfulness.

When did it begin?

I have been creative for as long as I can remember.

And from school-age told God that I would continue to pursue my passions in art until He told me otherwise.

I still have that burning desire to create like my Creator and with a few stints working in hospitality, I am still pursuing those goals & dreams. However, it was not until my work placement at Neema Crafts in Tanzania, a centre set up to provide craftwork for deaf &; differently-abled people that I really saw the true purpose behind my creative passions. God made me with this creative drive that would ultimately find its place in serving others.

Lydia in Ecuador crafting with different-abled people.

UK to Ecuador

Now skip forward a few years and my husband and I are moving to Ecuador to set up a similar craft centre again to employ different-abled people; with the UK based charity Artizan International. We spent two years living and working in Ecuador and saw first hand the transformation God brought through craft &; creativity.

Now back in the UK and without the prospect of working a job that would pull people out of poverty like in Ecuador I was lost and looking for a creative outlet. I came to the conclusion that to walk out my creativity in obedience to God I just needed to take one step forward. So that’s exactly what I did…

On our return from Ecuador, I brought home with me the most beautifully coloured organic beads I’d ever seen. Whilst in Ecuador we met Mariuxi, who, along with her family, runs a tagua workshop. Tagua is a nut, grown sustainably on a certain type on a palm tree in South America. These tagua beads were hand-carved and coloured ready to be made into unique pieces of jewellery. However beautiful and sustainable a material, business for Mariuxi and her family had fallen over the years, as tagua is still not a very well known resource.

Purchasing those first tagua beads was my one step forward.

Proverbs 16:9 says ‘The heart of a man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.’

I had a plan, but I trust in the Lord to guide me and provide the place for my feet

to land.

Ethical jewellery

And so Lydia Miriam, ethical jewellery business, was born. The most important

part of my business is that I’m buying from Mariouxi and her family who really need to extra work to sustain and grow their business. They have previously employed staff outside their immediate family, but since their drop-in sales have had to let all of them go.

The second part of my business is focused on giving back.

Whilst living in Ecuador I met a charity, Project Ecuador, who sponsor children through education, build more adequate homes for poor families, pay for medical bills, glasses prescriptions and run holiday camps and clubs from children and young adults. Currently, Project Ecuador is raising money to provide food parcels to families who are financially suffering through being unable to work and therefore unable to feed their families at this time.

The pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic Project Ecuador has raised £12,000, and continues to support 60 families on a bi-weekly basis with food parcels.

As a business, I donate 10% of my profits straight to Project Ecuador and to date have been able to give £200 through jewellery sales.

This money alone has provided 6 families with food for a week. I am so thrilled that I am able to make a difference in the lives of those families with the help of my customers and supporters.

So there you have it, I’m Lydia of Lydia Miriam Designs! Come say hi and find out

about me and my ethical jewellery business on my social media platforms.

Written by Lydia Miriam



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Visit Project Ecuador. You can also Donate: Here

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