My Purpose In Creative Expression

My earliest memory of being taught a song, is hanging out with my grandmother and her singing the song “Turn it over to Jesus”. 

Blessed to have a family that during my formative years, cultivated early on that freedom of expression to sing, dance, write and create. For example, poetry. I valued reading and enjoyed writing poems. I even won a poetry competition at school. Over time I understood that poetry in music was an outlet for my creativity. I fully respect those who are gifted to flow poetically bar for bar, with such genius as lyricists and rappers, but poetry in music via songs with melodies, hooks and bridges was more fitting for me. Music was a major part of growing up. Church, family, home, school, exposed me to all genres of gospel - traditional and contemporary, the rhythm and blues, soul, rock, reggae and pop. 

Once I became a follower of Jesus Christ, deepening my relationship with Him was at the forefront of my life.

The gospel, worship and praise music I listened to served to colour my world with everything that connected me to Him and fed my desire to practice my faith. I was excited about The God who opened my eyes to see that I don’t merely exist, but I’m here to fulfil a purpose. I was full of appreciation that God had drastically changed my life and would now unfold His plan. I never thought I would release a cd of any sort. I was blessed to support others on their musical paths.

I occasionally wrote songs and shared, but 2014 was a major change.

The journey

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For three years I released music, travelled, sang, ministered, featured on tracks with other

artists. In 2017, I started a new chapter, settling down in married life. in 2018 I had to slow my body down and delete some tasks to focus on my health and a major operation.

Being in recovery for three months, was almost like a personal lockdown situation.  I had a lot of time to think and reflect.

In 2019 after my recovery I was back to work, back to life,  new job, new church, new celebrations, losing weight and back into the studio to record new music. What a fantastic year and what a faithful God! 2020 starts off well, and I am determined to walk in my purpose like never before. Until...Corona viruses, Covid 19 and global lockdown!?

Quarantine for me

I can’t deny the fact that working from home has been a huge positive, but the daily reports of death, sadness and illness were a harrowing reminder that life is so precious, yet so fragile and fleeting. I redefined my purpose in creative expression. I came back to the root of my passion, choosing to step passed the distracting clouds and waves of social media politics, bashing and negativity. I gained confidence in new areas and unlocked hidden visions and passions.

So I encourage you with this, the unfolding of purpose is intertwined with...
  1. Our obedience to God. When you understand that you have to answer first to a unique and higher calling, you consider less the pressure to affirm people’s, likes, debates, boxes, assumptions and not to mention hypocrisy. -Acts 5:29

  2. Becoming sold out to the revelation that if I actually do what God says in His word and by His Spirit then the other added elements will work out accordingly. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths”. - Proverbs 3: 6

  3. Remembering to bless others. Genuinely desire to bless other people. The road to purpose is never in isolation. Whether leading, influencing or impacting, do what you can to bless others as God has blessed you. We all interconnect to fulfil the greater plan and purpose of God.“ is more blessed to give than to receive.” -Acts 20: 35

  4. Doing your best and letting God do the rest! There is immense pressure to feel inadequate. But your purpose is unique and has been planned out by God not by your peers and not social media. Before you were even formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you. -Jeremiah 1:5

During the lockdown, I rekindled the flame.

More focus and more writing. More connecting, praying and more faith to believe that what God has promised will come to pass. What came to stifle, sadden and frustrate us, when we use our faith, God can turn around our negatives, to work out for our Good. Everything about our purpose is born from within. God gave Joseph a dream. Deep inside him, he knew one day he would be a. leader, but I don’t think he realised the route he would have travelled for his purpose to be fulfilled. But what kept him was his inner faith, obedience and trust in God. We never expected a pandemic, but God is not surprised by it.

The gift of writing lyrics

I wrote a song last year called Direction. A song which lyrically speaks of the frustrating moments when it seems God’s voice, answer to prayer and guidance seems distance. This song speaks of waiting, seeking and trusting through those seasons. For various reasons, the release date for this song and the entire project is later than expected, but I sense the peace of God. When we bear the fruit of patience, all releases will be at the right time, in the right season and serve its purpose to the right people. 

I conclude. Consider the word of encouragement God gave to His people held captive, confined and displaced in a city called Babylon

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope“ - Jeremiah 29:11

Sounds to me, that God will never forsake us. He didn’t back then, and I’m confident He won’t now, even in a global pandemic. Be encouraged.

Written by Fiona Yorke Kainyah



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