My Purpose In Medicine & Mentorship

My name is Chidera, a future Doctor, Counsellor and Mentor all centred in Christ. I am always thinking about creative ideas to better my community and most importantly promoting Jesus in everything that I do.

It all started here

At a very young age, I asked myself these questions:

  • What is your purpose on earth?

  • What fuels you to wake up every morning with a sense of determination and motivation to face the day?

When I answered these questions it all lead to one answer, helping people in need. That was my purpose. There was no going back and forth. I felt strongly that my purpose in this world would revolve around that.

I did not want to live an ordinary life, following the standards of society.

I knew I wanted to make an impact in this world. I knew I wanted to change lives. I grew up in a household where my parents always gave back locally and to the community, back to people in their home country, Nigeria while living in America. Growing up, I watched my parents selflessly care for others, not putting their own needs first. This action sparked a deeper appreciation and passion to provide service to people no matter their situation or circumstances in life.

Creativity sparked!

I have always thought of myself as a creative person, thinking of new and better ways to impact the community, which reverentially propelled me to create a motivational, inspirational, faith-based YouTube channel The Innermeinchrist that is geared towards youth and young adults.

This channel has allowed me to be seen locally and globally with a few of my brothers and sisters in Christ discussing vital issues that deal with growing up in fear and services to God.

I have been blessed to be a mentor and counsellor to those seeking advice and guidance in their life journey. I have been provided with the opportunity to speak at church conferences and gatherings to youths and college students about my life experiences and to be a source of encouragement to others, which I do not take for granted.

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

The Lord knows His plans for me better than I know myself. God has really opened my eyes to trust in him completely for he knows what is best for me. He is the one who orders my footsteps and guides me. I stop depending on what my strength can do for me and fully trusted in his plans for my life. For he will never lead me astray.

The pandemic hits

Throughout this pandemic, it has not been easy.

Waking up every day with so much going on in the world can throw off your whole day. Studying for an important medical exam during a pandemic is not ideal at all not knowing whether things will ever be the same, but when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. I remained focused on my exam preparations and did not allow distractions to take over my mind. As for my YouTube channel, it was very hard gathering people together to record for content, but we made it work. There were people willing to record and help build content and I thank God for their lives.

Therefore, I am still going strong despite the setbacks and challenges I have faced this year, God showed His light and His grace in my journey, and I know this is only the beginning.

Written by Chidera Agodu


Youtube: Innermeinchrist

Instagram: Innermeinchrist


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