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My Purpose In Poetry

I discovered my love for poetry around the age of 18.

I would write in my diary a lot, at a young age, sometimes I would even write song lyrics. I stumbled across Def Jam Poetry on Youtube and became obsessed with it. From there I started to expand my own writing, and I plucked up the courage and performed some of my pieces to a friend. She was really encouraging and the rest was history.

On stage

My first performance was at a popular event called 'Sunday Club'. I decided to sign up to perform during their open mic section. Looking back, I was a little crazy to choose that to be my first performance. The crowd at Sunday Club had a reputation of being critics and not forgiving. I remember being sooo nervous. Being a new poet I took a risk many wouldn't have done.

Nobody wants to hear that silence when they finish a piece.

However, it went down really well, and I went on to perform at a lot of different venues across the UK after that.

Award night

Winning my 1st award for poetry was an amazing experience. I went to the award night not expecting to win (I know everyone says that but it's HONEST), I was just glad to be in the room and in the presence of so many talented artists. When I won I was just so happy, clique but true. I was shocked to see how much support I had, and it just pushed me more into pursuing my career in poetry.   

Pieces of me

My EP took longer than I had planned, trying to balance creativity with everyday life; lots of long days in the studio after long days at work. Even with all the hard work, I was excited to release it to the world, mixing poetry with music was a new experience for me and I was excited for people to consume my poetry in a new way. The first piece I released from this EP was legacy. The Next project I create I'll defo put in the time for rest and pure creativity.

My EP is a reminder that I can do anything if I just put my mind to it. 

My connection with God through poetry

Poetry is one of the ways I personally speak to God. I recognise poetry as a gift from God, that can easily be taken away. My focus is always to grow my relationship with God and pray that He uses me to grow His Kingdom. If poetry can be used as an instrument in that mission then so be it.

God uplifts me, fills me and leads me. 

Wisdom and encouragement for the next generation of poets

1. Study the craft and practice.

2. Share with close friends.

3. Go out to open mic nights.

4. Enjoy every moment of it. 

So to sum up my purpose in poetry

I personally feel God gave me the gift of poetry as a personal release. I had a lot of stress on my mind and God gave me a way to get through them. From sharing, I found out that others could relate, and I was surprised to find out that it helped others as well. I'm thankful for this gift, and I pray each day that I walk in God's purpose for my life. 

Here's a piece dear to my heart I hope you enjoy.

Freedom Is ... Take that first step to Courage You may feel unworthy, dirty, afraid  Or in the past Made to feel weak, too weak To seek strength, so you tempt to find other means Small solutions to extremes It seems too hard to get out of a mess You’re stressed, and feel it’s best to be left alone And that's when the enemy tries to get you when you're on your own.  But understand this TRUTH God created you to be bold and to be fearless For God did not leave you a spirit of fear But to witness daily the power he shares Through that sacrifice on the Cross his life he bares A love so rare,  Let me be clear. The Most High, far past the sky or the eye can see …  Has set you, Yes you his daughter to be free Not somewhat, kinda or partially But completely and utterly wonderfully free Because Freedom is, when you finally trust God in all that you do Freedom is accepting God’s grace and allowing his love to shine through He is our God, so in him you must Trust Freedom is that gift for  Me You US

Written by Mina West


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You can watch on: Mina West Youtube


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