My Purpose In The Wedding Industry

27 Dresses and more…

Have you ever watched that film 27 dresses? Yes, that was me, except I probably have more

dresses stuffed in my wardrobe than Jane Nichols, including African attire. I was a bridesmaid

for a lot of weddings and let’s not forget the Aso Ebi’ girl, making a dress for the ‘Nigerian

Traditional Wedding’.

I remember in one year attending about 12 weddings and that’s when the questions started,

“Lara, don’t you get sick and tired of attending all these weddings?”

The funny thing is I didn’t get sick or tired. From the Bride’s entrance to the Groom’s reaction when the Bride walked down the aisle to the unique aspects of their big day; I found the whole event quite intriguing. It was then that I realised that it was more than just being entertained on the day. l actually loved the details of it all. I loved to give advice and tips. I loved coordinating. I loved planning. Weddings became my thing and I loved- love.

My passion for weddings evolved

With all the weddings I attended, I found myself doing more than the average guest or bridesmaid, I was constantly providing (for free or mate rates) advice to my friends, organising amazing bridal showers, sourcing good quality vendors and coordinating the wedding on the day, let’s just say I had an eye for weddings. I wanted to make sure that things went smoothly and with every wedding, I attended, although it was a perfect day for the couple, I thought of ways it could have been improved, perhaps the makeup artist should have finished on time which would have made the day go smoother or perhaps the MC should have played more games to keep the guests entertained. I was in my element.

It was then about 3 years ago, Hubbee Weddings was launched, a brand birthed from my passion.

A ‘Hub’ and one-stop-shop for weddings initially a vendor directory connecting vendors to brides but now gearing towards wedding tips and inspo as well as coordinating weddings on the day. We spent a lot of time building the brand from social media to attending wedding shows to even being interviewed on TV. I was shocked and thankful from speaking to random people, finding out how many people knew of Hubbee Weddings.

Have you asked yourself questions?

Discovering your purpose is not an easy one and there are some things in life that are just elements to your overall purpose.

But at one stage of your life, you will have to ask questions such as:

  • What burdens you?

  • What grieves you?

  • What are your passions?

  • What are your strengths?

  • What moves you?

These should be clues to your assignment which may be part of your purpose.

I constantly found myself always helping people and realised that was one of my strengths, however, this strength of mine was also a weakness.

At times I found it challenging to balance work, ministry and business yes, all three. I was either building others up through ministry or in the 9-6 job. I was giving legal advice to rushing home to work on the business! I found travelling as a way of escape from my hectic life, until I learnt how to do to things from a place of rest.

Resting in the Lord does not mean sleeping.

The Hebrew word to describe rest in Hebrews 4 is ‘nuach’, which means to be quiet. It is that profound peace that God gives. When you do things from a place of rest, that’s when you begin to see results.

Pushed towards passion

I have spent a lot of time building my relationship with God during this pandemic, which has

given me a clearer vision, pushed me away from the 9-6 and further towards focusing on building. The brand is expanding and something exciting is coming! I will say to people, however, that the pandemic is not a productivity contest, God will order your steps. There is something God wants you to do that is unique, whether it is in ministry, at work or business.

The scripture I stood on was Proverbs 31 v 16: “She considers a field and buys it; From her earnings she plants a vineyard.”

The proverbs 31 woman is entrepreneurial. This is not someone who has no vision. She is a woman with a head for business to increase her profits. 


I will encourage anyone who has a burning passion to build a brand to write the vision down. We live in a microwave generation however, where we want things immediately, but building a brand takes time and a lot of discipline. Don’t rush but do take that risk.


Written by Lara Jinadu


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Hubee Weddings: Instagram and Facebook

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