Overcoming The Isolation Blues

'I have come to view this season as bittersweet'

Sis, I don’t know about you, but this week has been particularly hard for me. The mounting pressure to do, do, do has been so overbearing! I didn’t feel I was allowed grace to just ‘BE’.

I have come to view this season as bittersweet.

Just like many i have felt the sting of the sudden isolation, but I have also felt a distinct closeness to my family and friends as I am learning the things that truly matter.

It has finally dawned on me that sometimes you have to be by yourself to be able to look outside of yourself.

So, the question I had to ask myself was how do I allow myself to just ‘be’ in this season?

1. Give yourself grace to be

‘A pursuit of perfection is also like trying to become a robot.’

Let’s face it, human beings are not perfect, and we are not God. But I wonder why we deny ourselves grace all the time. We reject our flaws, our own opinions (sometimes) and our emotions.

For example, I have all the time in the world now, but I may not feel like writing, reading or doing anything ‘productive’ today. Can I be honest with you sis? One day this week I laid in bed long after my alarm clock went off, baked goodies and ate more than i should have, binged watched Netflix, and played some Sims on my laptop.

It’s easy to feel the guilt of wasting time I won’t get back, but I also know this is the vital down time I will never get back, and that’s ok. My mindfulness is just as important as my productivity, and because of that we don’t have to live by a regimented schedule. Give yourself grace to have a day or two off.

2. Switch off social media for a while

In isolation this doesn’t seem like the most feasible solution, we are essentially cut off from the world and this is the way to stay in contact with people. The truth is social media invites itself into our lives. We share, we see who has seen what we share, we count the many or not so many likes, we distract ourselves with comments from people who we haven’t spoken to in real life months or years. Being constantly glued in to the system is exhausting, when the WHOLE world is glued In too.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it might be time to switch off too.

Try 2 days, maybe 3 or 7 (ha!), remember all interruptions of habit count. See it as creating time for a break, time to create space, read books, write, and get creative.

3. Disconnect and Reconnect with yourself

Connection is such a powerful theme in all our lives; it is something that I have often taken for granted. In this season, we are more connected than ever, and what better time to take a break from being constantly ‘available’.

I found taking time away has also become a way for me to connect with my vision for my life and wellbeing. Making it a must to let others know I need space and time to just disconnect, has been a wonderful gift to myself, one that I plan to continue to give long after quarantine is over.

The best is yet to come, we aim to come out of this season better than we went in so taking care of ourselves is key. This too shall pass…

Stay encouraged sis.

xx Tom xx